Worship Facilities Conference and Expo

WFX Conference and Expo

September 17 – 19, 2019

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What is WFX?
The Worship Facilities Conference and Expo is two and half days of education, hands-on training, networking, inspiration and exposure for every ministry team, including worship, tech, facilities and administration.

Who should attend?
Pastors and staff of all levels from every ministry team will benefit from attending WFX, but here are some specific needs and goals WFX meets:

  • Churches considering a new building project, improvement to their existing building or the launch of a new campus.
  • Tech leaders and their teams looking for hands-on training, ideas, new technology or strategies.
  • Worship leaders and their teams that want to be inspired and learn new skills.
  • Churches seeking tech training opportunities for their staff or volunteers.
  • Pastors looking for a multi-denominational forum where they can explore and challenge the definition of church growth and health.
  • Church communications staff seeking skills and strategies to leverage social media and technology.
  • Churches who value relationships between ministry teams and want to grow together.